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About the Firm

Smith and Christensen, LLP, serves the legal needs of business and industry in the areas of labor, employment and corporate law. Our clients range from $50 million/year firms to fledgling enterprises and can be found in a variety of industries from advertising and media to professional services and manufacturing. The firm’s attorneys have particularly broad experience in the utilities industry, serving rural electric and telephone cooperatives throughout the southeast and nationwide.

Both Mr. Smith and Mr. Christensen have the impeccable credentials and reputations that you demand from any attorneys that you might select. As an added benefit, however, we guarantee that our clients will not face the frustrations and costs of dealing with multiple levels of lawyers. Instead, the specific attorneys that you want to speak with will be available when you call or they will return your calls promptly.

Our smaller structure also fosters value and cost savings for our clients. We control our overhead and we do not maintain a bench of associates that we need to keep occupied. We handle matters with a single partner, or as needed, a team of two.

Finally, since we obviously do not attempt to practice in all areas, we cultivate outside relationships with other attorneys and consultants so that we can provide seamless services or referrals on extraordinary or distant matters.


Smith + Christensen, LLP
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